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What Do you Really Need in Life?

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

I am digging into some deeper study and work called the Gene Keys by Richard Rudd. The Gene Keys were developed based on Human Design and are teachings we can apply to our daily life for deeper contemplation, inquiry, kindness and patience.

I paused on an idea presented about happiness, an idea that has undoubtedly surfaced for me before, I am certain many times before. It's funny how that happens, how it lands differently in the exact right moment, feels profound and we finally let it seep in as if it were a brand new concept.

We all say we strive for happiness, just want to be happy, attribute all dreams toward the goal of being happy. So, what are we really wanting when we say we want happiness?

It's fulfillment. Fulfillment is greater than happiness after all. Happiness comes and goes. In the same vein, so does sadness. It comes and it goes. How powerful to remember that when the feeling of happiness leaves us in those inevitable moments, as its bound to. I can reassure myself that sadness will indeed pass, and in the same way, it is ok when happiness does too.

Why do we make it seem bad or wrong, drastic or dramatic when happiness goes?

Fulfillment is that ease deep inside your own being. OF COURSE, fulfillment is at the core. The feeling of calm and peace that incapsulates a sense of well being that brings a small, knowing smile.

If we are fulfilled with our life, we get to simply observe what outside influence is making us feel happy and sad.

In our inner journey to outward transforming, Richard Rudd asks these (3) questions.


  • What is essential to you in this life?

  • What do you want to spend the lion’s share of your precious time doing?

  • What is the greatest service I can offer the whole?

I am contemplating exactly this as I end the last week of my month long journey in Portugal. For me, its how I view money, success and prosperity, and the need to rediscover my essential needs.

It's fascinating to watch this process unfold. I currently don't have a home. This was by choice and I'm wondering if now it was by design preparing me for the clearing and preparation of true prosperity.

Helping me live into the practice of watching money come in, and watching money go out while also becoming acutely aware of what my essential needs actually are.

Right now, they are stability, feeling grounded, so that I can feel free, love and creativity. I want to spend my time talking, sharing and connecting with others, coming up with creative ideas and action plans for the fulfillment of peoples lives and for them to dare to do what they desire most.

What is absolutely essential to your life?

I think understanding the feeling behind what we say we want, helps us better understand the core desire and better choose the physical possessions that align.

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