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The (5) Types in Human Design

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Human Design is the roadmap to becoming the person you were born to be and creating a life you want, that you feel alive by, the life of your dreams. HD tells us who we are when we are living in alignment and being our authentic selves. It's the path of least resistance.

I certainly wish I had stumbled upon it long ago. (Divine timing at play I suppose)

I must like to learn the hard way, but you don't have to! That is part of the old world belief system, things today don't have to be so hard.

There are (5) energy types in human design that each of us uniquely embodies. This is how we interact energetically with opportunities, ideas, people that come onto our path.

Projector: Projectors are here to be the guide, a bird on a perch, to look down and see how others are moving, interacting and to see things in a different way. Projectors radiate wisdom into the world. The big gift projectors bring to the world is perspective and offer insights on systems, patterns, trends that can help the collective. You aren't meant to go be a panther, you are meant to stay above (like a bird) and see, not DO. Projectors are the guides/leaders on how to do things efficiently. We are not meant to initiate, and need to be invited in to share our wisdom and perspectives. Projectors can create their own invitations by being energetically open and ready when others invite them into opportunities and relationships. If you are a Projector (like me), invest in yourself, do not wait around for invitations, recognize what is right for you, engage with life, find the correct energy for you and life will respond.

Reflector: Reflectors are our rare friends, 1% of the population. They are the most open and receptive people to the world around them. Reflectors literally take in everything and act as a mirror to all who have the honor of being in their presence. (I am completely lit up and on fire with my creative flow when talking with or am around my ONE reflector friend). They feel everything, which is incredibly beautiful and can also feel like pressure at the same time. If you are a Reflector you might feel the need to be something, and can be unsure of what that is while in the presence of others. This is because you can feel different every single day based on who you around. This is why it is extremely important for Reflectors to wait for a full lunar cycle (28 days) to make a decision when someone invites you into a special offer, a job, or a relationship. Embracing the beauty in the unknown and trusting that you get to let it play out over the 28 days before you make decisions, will bring you great clarity.

Reflectors are absolutely special unique and mystical beings and often feel and know that they are different, while not knowing exactly why or what makes them different. HD awareness can be golden for these light beings.

Generator: Generators are waiting to respond to what comes in front of them, waiting to be lit up! You are the life force energy in this world. We all need generators on our team and with us to get things done. When living in alignment, generators bring that juicy, sparkly energy to everything they do. You need to be lit up by everything you choose to do, otherwise you will become frustrated and will burn out. This is why it is so important for you to wait to respond... everyone wants you, so make sure you are choosing what is correct for you and lighting you up. Veiw yourself as a magnent--- opportunities will come to you. When they do, your gut calls the shots, so you must get used to literally listening to your body and waiting to respond to opportunities that come in front of you. Waiting for the right projects, opportunities and people will empower you to have the energy for what you love and find ultimate fulfillment.

Manifestor: Manifestors are here to follow their urges, they are the trailblazers. They are the "I don't give a F*#$ what you think, this is what I am doing", people we need. If you are a Manifestor, you don't need anyone else to create with you, you are here to inform others what you are going to do and that's that. You will not get the resistance you might think by doing this. You do not need to seek others approval around you, the correct people for you will be on board and those that aren't, won't. It is important for you to act on your urges and inform loved ones what you are going to do. It would be an incorrect use of your energy for you to first get approval from others. This is such a beautiful thing, because your people, your team is in essence chosen for you when you are operating in alignment and following your own urges.

Manifesting Generator: ManGens embody both Manifestor and Generator energy. We need ManGens energy to both get things started and to also get things done. You are a powerhouse! Meant to both follow their urges/initiate (manifestor part) and to respond (generator party) to what is in front of them, ManGens must be lit up by everything you do in life. You have the energy to do all you want to do, you are like the Duracell bunny.

The Manifestor part is quick and ready to take action and the Generator part needs a moment to see if you are lit up enough and have the desire to take action. This can feel like a bit of a conflict inside, so its important to listen to both your urges and your desire before you do something. ManGens are meant to start a lot of different things and don't need to necessarily finish them. Don't judge yourself for not seeing something through, this is correct for you! It doesn't mean you are rejecting something or someone. You can always reserve the right to change your mind. It is important to over-communicate with your loved ones that you feel lit up by something now and in this moment, but you might change your mind later.

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