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Transcending Mediocrity.

What!? Transcending mediocrity? This seems to have an air of superiority. What is wrong with mediocrity. To transcend, does this mean that I think I am better than others?

This immediate reaction made me realize how true it is that my deepest purpose in life is to overcome my own shadow of mediocrity. I must deep down think there is something wrong with walking in my own excellence. Actually, I do walk in it, I bask in it; silently though.

I do not overtly share it.

Sharing my excellence, my genius does NOT mean I think I am better than others, quite the opposite..... so why do I hide?

Trying to get everyone to like you is a sign of mediocrity. -colin powell

This is clearly conditioning, that I need to shed once and for all.

Revisiting this made me dig deeper. I have always said and live by, "complacency is my own personal hell that I refuse to live in". Is complacency a symptom of living mediocre? I think this is what I have had an internal battle with, my refusal to see myself as mediocre.

Why is this a battle? It simply is. I am dedicated to living into my own excellence, my own genius. Whatever that is, is for me to discover, to share, to live into!

Most of the world seeks comfort, which leads to complacency, which leads to feeling unsettled and unhappy. I want comfort, yet my comfort looks much different than the status quo. This is a good thing, and how I inspire others by being unapologetically different; being me.

It is ok and necessary to be different in the comforts we seek. My comfort is building mastery, sharing my voice, connecting with others, being in a constant state of learning and creative energy.

Simply writing this makes me light up inside!

Mediocrity is the worst enemy to prosperity. -henry ford

Much more to unpack here, yet what I net out at and feel completely at peace with is that the goal is to be a little better than yesterday.

YES! This I can wrap my head around, this is ME. This is what I have unconsciously strived for my entire life; growth, evolvement, refusal of the status quo, repelled by a homogenized life, the pull and drive for travel, exploration, change and reform.

Nobody rises above mediocrity unless they use the brains of other people. -napolean hill
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