Feel in alignment 
with yourself, Lead from the heart, Employ your unique talents

Discover a motivating and supportive advisor & coach, full of deep insights and vision.


Welcome to a safe space where you are accepted for who you are while being supported and encouraged to live the life you are meant to live.

I’m Amy Lloyd, a supportive guide, mentor and partner here to offer valuable insights and help others step into alignment to live with purpose while making life more efficient and meaningful. With a focus on Human Design Fundamentals, I offer group workshops, 1:1 coaching, and business advising, inspiring and propelling others to take the next best steps in their lives by first recognizing who they are and how to best navigate their unique gifts and talents. 


I love helping those that are ready to take action and shine brilliantly in order to make an impact in their life and in their community. I am deeply invested in supporting my clients desire to evolve. 

How we can work together

Guiding, Advising, Coaching

We work together 1:1 to help gain a fundamental understanding of your unique gifts and talents. From there, we determine the most aligned action to take in achieving the highest expression of who you are, your desired goals, realizing dreams, and overall creating your dream life with ease.


Experience you will gain: You will develop a strong understanding of your own inner authority, how to best navigate big and small decisions and opportunities. You will be given ongoing dedicated support, focused on serving you powerfully in order to empower you fully.

Human Design

Human Design is known as the science of differentiation, sharing how different we all are and that we are not meant to operate the same as everyone else. Rather, we are meant to express our own unique gifts and talents in our own ways, leading us to live the lives we want with ease and flow. 


This powerful science allows us to experience more acceptance of self and others through being our authentic selves and operating in the world just as we were intended. 


Experience you will gain: A 1:1 conversation about your Human Design will provide you with strong affirmations, an understanding and acknowledgment of self and oftentimes a profound sense of being seen unlike what you may have felt before.


Group workshops centered around a specific intention you are working on or want to work on in your life right now. I will work with you during a 1:1 call to determine and/or fine tune your intention. We have a weekly call focused on one person's intention each week. 


Experience you will gain: You will benefit from this transformative experience by being seen, heard, and accepted by a group in a powerful 8-12 week session focused on your personal intentions and holding this same space for others.



Seeing the lighter side of life.

Talking about the deep and
the serious with levity & discovering solutions.

Supporting others on their journey by supporting their growth and helping them feel empowered in who they are.


Over the past 20 years I’ve lived in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco, enjoying a successful career as an advertising executive working for Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and launching my own companies. 
My unique background in business, as well as being a lifelong student of self-development afforded me to learn many modalities, including becoming a human design specialist and earning my coaching certificate. 

I believe that each of us are born with our unique purpose and intended path. My wisdom and expertise lie in seeing where others' gifts and talents serve them best both personally and professionally.

Naturally drawn to human behavior, I gravitated toward studying human design on a deeper level, gaining invaluable insight and self-awareness for myself. Being invited to share this life-changing experience with others in order to help guide them to the personal and professional life they desire most, is beyond rewarding.

My latest endeavors include launching The Face It Podcast, sharing motivating stories of those who have faced challenges and adversity and come out the other side.

Also, Face It Today, a non-profit that empowers youth through education and self-care. Face It Today encourages that no matter what you are facing, a challenging situation, major adversity or a really bad day, you can do anything! 

Feedback from my clients

“Even though I didn’t know many in my group I felt like we were a little family in no time at all. This group came at a perfect time in my life to help me get aligned with my truth and who it is I wanted to be in my world. I felt very encouraged even when vulnerable, and beyond supported.”

-Rachel R. / Workshops

“Working with Amy, she brought new ways of looking and sorting out what wasn’t working in my life. She was relaxed, professional and warm. I ended up with access to peace and empowerment. I highly recommend her coaching. She is a gem.”

-Elizabeth G. / Coaching

“Amy put her heart and soul into each session, creating a sacred space for each and every woman as well as holding space for all of us as a whole. This experience is not normally something I would commit to, but for some reason I said "Why not" and said "Yes" to the group. I went into the experience with little knowledge of what a Power of 8 group really meant. For me, the experience was transformative- supporting other women and being supported by other women is pure magic.”

-Alisha T. / Workshops

“I love speaking with Amy about my unique Human Design. It not only showed me my unique qualities, but how to better use the gifts I have. It truly was eye opening and I can't wait to dive deeper with her. I believe this is going to change all aspects of my life for the better.”

-Beth R. / Human Design


“I was kinda skeptical and nervous about joining the group because it is a bit outside of my comfort zone. At the end though I was so thankful I chose to join. It was such a cool experience with some amazing women. I looked forward to our meetings every Monday that always felt like a reset button. Now I am ready to take on the rest of this year and live my intention to its fullest!”

-Mack L. / Workshops

“Amy is one of a kind and worth every penny. Her coaching was perfect for this time in my life. Amy helped me feel truly validated and connect me to who I am and own my strengths. Because of the coaching with Amy I was able to navigate my way easily through situations that used to be extremely difficult for me. My overall goal working Amy was to align my heart and values as I move forward with my business goals. I got exactly that plus she also helped me move forward in my relationships and my passions as well. Priceless takeaways.”

-Rachel R. / Coaching

“The rearview mirror of my car reminds me daily of Amy's Human Design reading. That's where I posted affirmations, reminding me of my highest vibration. Integration of these truths has shaped my decision making, happiness with life, quality of relationships, and where I seek information from. Amy's skill and intuition guided our free flowing conversation regarding my goals professionally. I now better understand my unique assets and am more confident utilizing them daily. I recommend Amy to anyone wanting to get into deeper touch with themselves for personal understanding and professional development!”

-Cora L. / Human Design

“It's hard to explain the feeling of connection I enjoyed during my group experience, even when all I did was think about the person who we were holding each week. It's like a current, and it lifted me up every time I thought about it. It's like non-denominational prayer, and I was so ready to receive it.”

-Ana C. / Workshops


Making an impact

Purposeful Solutions supports Face it Today, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. A portion of all proceeds goes to help inspire, empower and motivate youth.

The Face It Podcast

Sharing real stories of people who have overcome any challenges and adversity, making their way through, inspiring hope and motivation in others. Hosted by Amy and her daughter Amanda!

The Face It Podcast with Amy & Amanda

Whether you are ready to take action or have a few questions, I’m here and excited to chat with you!

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