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How Human Design changed my life:

I found human design over 3 years ago and discovered I am what is called a Projector. There are (5) Types in HD; Manifestors, Projectors, Reflectors, Manifesting Generators and Generators. I will share more about each type in another post.

I quickly thought, I do not want to be a Projector, how am I a projector? Does that mean I project onto people?

What I quickly discovered is that the answer is "sort of", but not in the way we would normally think.

Our energy type is how we interact with others, our innate gifts and with opportunities.

Projectors can literally see and feel into another, so much so it is easier to clearly see another than it is ourselves. This makes all the sense in the world to me as I have always had a hard time explaining the complex thoughts and feelings I hold inside.

Projectors have a penetrating aura and because of this need to be invited to share our deep insights and wisdom.

Projectors are fascinated by human behavior and have much wisdom to share. We are like birds on a perch, able to have perspective and deep insights from this vantage point on what is going on in the world and around us. To see things in a different way, to see, not DO.

WOW! I am not crazy! I had felt different my entire life... different from those around me, doing what I thought I "should" be doing, yet feeling it was not correct for me. None of us are meant to do things that we think we "should" do, and instead what lights us up and energizes us. What a concept.

I am not meant to go, go, go like some others. Which was very hard to understand and admit to myself at first. I have always been praised for being a go-getter. I prided myself on being a hustler. What I have realized is that rising to my zone of excellence is not hustling for me.

What I have learned and that has been life changing for me, is that I am extremely efficient with my time and energy. I can get a day of work done in 2-3 hours and need to spend the rest of my time doing what I love. There is no need to force an 8 hour work day because society dictates this. Living into this fuels me and allows me to not burn out and to best use my gifts and talents.

I can now make sense out of myself, thoughts and purpose by using what is called our 'authority' in human design. This is where each of us are empowered with our own answers, providing true self reliance. For me, I am meant to share my voice, speak my thoughts out loud. It is then, that they become linear and make sense...only once I start talking. Go figure!!! Holding things to myself does not benefit me.

I am meant to share and bounce things off of my trusted network, not to be told what to do, but to ask for example, "Do I sound excited about this?" My people now know how best to respond to me when I go to them asking if I can share something out loud. :)

Learning human design has given me permission to live life doing what I love, spending my energy wisely, which in turn brings me the invitations that are more in alignment for me.

As I write this, I am currently living in Portugal for one month. I have never even taken a trip for 2 weeks and am so grateful to be on this journey. It serves my projector self quite well.

There is so much that has changed in my life.. Mostly, I can sum up my thoughts on Human Design in that it allows us to be less judgmental and more accepting of others, most importantly, of ourselves. We all get to live into who we are uniquely meant to be.

This allows me to be a clear, calm and non-judgmental space when meeting and interacting with friends, loved ones and clients.

I am IN love.

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